Vision, Mission, Values


To improve, in a measurable way, the ability of developing countries to manage and benefit from their natural resources in order to catalyze sustainable development and reduce poverty.


  • Respect and Inclusiveness

We embrace inclusiveness and integrate local cultures and knowledge in all our work. We design and deliver our programs in close cooperation with our in-country partners so our projects address the priorities and needs of developing country governments and communities. We work with all stakeholders in a respectful, impartial manner to build sustainable approaches to resource development.

  • Sustainable Development

The quest for sustainable development guides all our operations. CIRDI’s programs are designed to foster social, economic and environmental sustainability, to contribute to the overall well-being of the communities they serve and to meet the needs of present and future generations.

  • Human Rights, Gender Equality and Indigenous Rights

CIRDI actively integrates human rights objectives and the perspectives of Indigenous peoples in the development and delivery of its programming. Principles of gender equality that address women’s views, interests and needs are an integral part of our work. We seek to learn from the knowledge and experience of Indigenous peoples based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and partnership.

  • Integrity and Transparency 

We demonstrate integrity and openness in all our work. We are accountable to our partners and funders and we take responsibility for our performance in all decisions and actions. We freely share information about our work and welcome dialogue and discussion.

  • Independence

Our academic and operational independence as a coalition of three universities enables us to act as a neutral convener in complex, multi-stakeholder environments. Guided by principles of academic freedom, our advice, research and programming are grounded in critical thinking and meet the highest standards of professional integrity.

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