CIRDI Shares Approach to Equitable Benefit Sharing in Artisanal Mining

Cassie Doyle, CIRDI CEO, and Kirsten Dales, director of program development, met with representatives of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) last week to present CIRDI’s approach to equitable benefit sharing in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). The meeting was informed by GAC’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy and generated insightful discussion.

“We see a strong alignment between the Feminist International Assistance Policy and CIRDI’s approach to equitable benefit sharing and artisanal mining,” says Cassie Doyle. “Women artisanal miners often play secondary economic roles and are subject to the highest risks associated with this kind of mineral processing.  At the same time, it’s a vital livelihood for women so it’s important that we work with our partners to improve women’s access and control over the economic benefits, while also working to improve the health and social dimensions of ASM.”

CIRDI’s project work in ASM prioritizes assistance for vulnerable populations and views gender equality as a core theme. Through enhanced benefit sharing, CIRDI’s projects aim to reduce inequalities. Watch our website for more information about our ASM practice areas and our approach to benefit sharing in ASM.

Kirsten Dales, CIRDI director of program development

Some of our ASM projects include:

Education for the Transformation of Artisanal to Small-scale Mining, Ecuador (TransMAPE)

Capacity-building for multi-level governance of ASM in Indonesia

Supporting Technical Training for Extractive Industries in Guyana

Blazing the Path to Formalization, Ghana


Published September 27, 2017


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