Best Practices in Environmental Assessment: Case Studies and Application to Mining

This study helps to describe the best practices in Environmental Impact Assessment in the context of the mining industry, through a series of methods and case studies. Authors: Lauren Arnold, BA&Sc and […]

Phasing Out Mercury? Ecological Economics and Indonesia’s Small-Scale Gold Mining Sector

This article uses an ecological economics approach to analyse tensions surrounding efforts to phase out mercury in Indonesia’s artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector, among the largest sources of […]

Harnessing Opportunities for Good Governance of Health Impacts of Mining Projects in Mongolia: Results of a Global Partnership

This global partnership investigates the opportunity provided in environmental impact assessments (EIAs) to influence the extent to which health issues could be addressed in the design and delivery of mining projects. […]

The Relationship Between Local Procurement Strategies of Mining Companies and Their Regulatory Environments: A Comparison of South Africa and Namibia

This project examines the local procurement regulatory frameworks of South Africa and Namibia and the extent to which the local procurement strategies of the mining companies that operate within those […]

The Rise in Conflict Associated with Mining Operations: What Lies Beneath?

This study explores the nature and root causes of mining-related conflict. A more systematic understanding of conflict can help all stakeholders to apply preventive rather than reactive measures, and to […]

Deep into the mud: ecological and socio-economic impacts of the dam breach in Mariana, Brazil

CIRDI team members, Kirsten Dales and Bernardo D. Ranieri contributed to this research review of the ecological and socio-economic impacts of the catastrophic dam failure in Mariana, Brazil. Open Access research, […]

Responding to the commodity bust: Downturns, policies and poverty in extractive sector dependent countries

  The decline in prices experienced by most extractive commodities since 2011 has strained the economy and public finances of most resource-dependent countries, with implications for poverty reduction. This paper […]

Extractive industries and poverty: A review of recent findings and linkage mechanisms

This paper surveys 52 empirical studies on relationships between extractive industries and poverty, addressing both poverty impacts and possible linkage mechanisms. Distinguishing these studies by type of resource extraction, the […]

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