CIRDI E-Learning Series Launched

Stacey Plummer, chief inspector of mines, Jamaica

Rehabilitated Jamaican mine sites that provide greater crop yields was one of the featured case studies in CIRDI’s inaugural e-learning webinar: Rehabilitation of Mined and Quarried Out Lands in Jamaica: Successes and Challenges. Presented by Jamaica’s chief inspector of mines and CIRDI alumna, Stacey Plummer, the webinar examined Jamaica’s approach to mine and quarry rehabilitation from the regulatory perspective, including recent initiatives that focused on increased compliance and promoted safer environmental practices.

The webinar discussed mining regulation amendments as well as the role of Jamaica’s national restoration committee in these developments. Lessons learned, challenges and successes were illustrated by several case studies of bauxite and limestone mine sites. One case study detailed post-mine crop experiments that produced greater yields as compared with land that had not been mined.

See Mrs. Plummer’s presentation here. To learn about our upcoming webinars please contact:

Published October 13, 2017

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