CIRDI Newsletter March 2017


March 2017

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A Message from our CEO

Greetings friends of CIRDI,

2017 is off to a roaring start. From participating in the Round Up conference hosted by the Association of Mineral Exploration of British Columbia in Vancouver, to two project presentations at Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town, to preparing to host an integrated resource management workshop at PDAC this month, we’ve been busy.

It was meaningful for me to participate in the Gender, Mining and Water conference last month in Lima Peru, which was jointly organized by CIRDI and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. We explored how gender roles influence the impact and benefits of mining, with a particular emphasis on the related use of water resources. Read my reflections here.

In addition, early this year we introduced a new logo and are actively building a new website. These will reflect the careful foundational work we did as an organization last year, including building a five-year strategic plan, and will help to position us for our future growth.

Last year we successfully launched our major SUMM Ethiopia project and established CIRDI’s first international office in Addis Ababa. As well, our other major projects are in full implementation with an impressive array of collaborative activities aimed at delivering real development outcomes. And we’re broadening our capacity through a network of expert partners around the world.

Through these experiences we have gained clarity on the unique value of CIRDI’s offerings.  Our work is about building leading-practice knowledge to reduce the risks and realize the benefits of sustainable natural resource development – and ultimately to reduce poverty.

Our focus for 2017 and moving forward is to grow CIRDI’s services and opportunities for programming in order to move closer to our vision of generating lasting benefits for developing countries and their citizens.




Cassie Doyle,


Handing it to you – a new logo for CIRDI
The challenge: to capture collaboration, sustainability, integrated resource management and good governance – all in a simple mark. Read more.

Cassie Doyle appointed chair of expert panel on integrated natural resource management
The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has invited CIRDI CEO, Cassie Doyle, to serve as chair of multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral Expert Panel. Read more.


CIRDI Photo Contest

We invited our project team members to submit photos to a contest and build a portfolio of images for our new website. See the winning photos and read the backstory.




Project Updates

CIRDI partners with Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú on Gender, Mining and Water Resources Conference
Over 300 participants gathered in Lima, Peru on February 16 & 17, 2017 to discuss gender issues in mining with an emphasis on water resources. Learn more.





Joint planning prepares SUMM Ethiopia project for success
CIRDI’s Supporting the Ministry of Mines in Ethiopia project team and their government partners went beyond normal inception-phase protocol to develop a strategic plan that aligns with multiple factors. Read more.


Environment and mining waste management: Polytechnique Montréal helps two African universities enhance their expertise
CIRDI’s Governance Strengthening Program of the Extractive Sector in West Africa partnered with universities in Senegal and Burkina Faso to strengthen the universities’ expertise in environment and mining waste management. Read more.


CIRDI’s peer-to-peer learning initiative continued in the Kyrgyz Republic
Sharing knowledge and experience can help foster positive change and avoid repeating mistakes. That’s the goal of a series of peer-to-peer learning workshops convened by Mongolia’s International Cooperation Fund and CIRDI. Read more.





Reports Published

The Rise in Conflict Associated with Mining Operations: What Lies Beneath?

Despite improved community engagement practices, conflict associated with mining continues to increase. This research project goes beneath the surface to develop a deeper understanding of the nature and root causes of conflict. Read the report.



The Relationship Between Local Procurement Strategies of Mining Companies and Their Regulatory Environments
This research project with the Mining Shared Value venture of Engineers Without Borders Canada examines how effective local procurement regulatory frameworks are in making mining companies purchase more locally. Read the report.





Coming Up

CIRDI presents integrated resource management workshop at PDAC
Join the CIRDI team and a panel of Canadian and international experts for Understanding the Essential Building Blocks of Integrated Resource Management Sunday, March 5, 2-5 pm in Toronto. Read more.




RFG 2018 – Call for submissions, short courses, field trips
The Resources for Future Generations conference, scheduled for May 2018, invites submissions until  May 1, 2017. Proposals for short courses and field trips are welcome to August 15.  Learn more.


CIRDI co-sponsors talk on water stewardship and mining
Advancing Water Stewardship in Mining – from the site to the catchment, a presentation by Dr. Nadja Kunz, is co-sponsored by UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues and CIRDI on March 14.  Read more.



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