CIRDI Signs a Two-Year Memorandum of Understanding with the Vice Ministry of Mines of Ecuador


Priya Bala-Miller, CIRDI’s Director of Partnerships and Program Development & Hon. Fernando L. Benalcázar, Vice Minister of Mines of Ecuador © CIRDI

TORONTO March 3, 2019 – The Canadian International Resources and Development Institute and the Vice Ministry of Mines of Ecuador signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding that solidifies their collaboration in support of inclusive, sustainable mineral development in Ecuador.

The two Institutions have expressed their intention to cooperate in the areas of strengthening of the integrated resource management; improving public sector capacity and governance; engaging communities and sharing benefits, through empowering national, provincial and municipal leaders and decision makers, while focusing on in-country learning and on providing opportunities for global knowledge sharing.

“CIRDI looks forward to continuing to build on our strong partnerships with the Government of Ecuador, and all our local partners toward the shared vision of a dynamic and sustainable mineral sector,” said Priya Bala-Miller, CIRDI’s Director of Partnerships and Program Development.

The Vice Ministry is a body under the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources that is part of the Ecuadorian Public Administration and the Executive Branch of the State. The Vice Ministry is in charge of the formulation and administration of the national mining policy. Its mission is to “promote the development and sustainable use of energy and mining resources, with social and environmental responsibility, through the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies, applying principles of efficiency, transparency and integrity in their management.”

CIRDI and the Vice Ministry of Mines already collaborate on strengthening of the Ecuadorian small-scale mining sector through TransMAPE program led by Francisco Gallegos since 2018. Through data collection, consultative dialogue and pilot training modules, the project has been working collaboratively with the Ecuadorian government to develop a long-term education and training program for miners and regulators. The project aims to blend Canadian and Ecuadorian technical expertise and experience to contribute, through education, to the development of a more socially and environmentally responsible small-scale mining sector in Ecuador.

The new agreement will foster knowledge sharing, access to experts, and opportunities for activities and events.

The Canadian International Resources and Development Institute & The Vice Ministry of Ecuador sign a Memorandum of Understanding on March 3, 2019 © CIRDI