CIRDI’s Supporting the Ministry of Mines (SUMM) Ethiopia Project Extended

We are pleased to announce that CIRDI’s contract for delivery of the Supporting the Ministry of Mines (SUMM) Ethiopia project has been extended by 15 months, until the fall of 2022.

The SUMM Ethiopia project, now in its fifth year of implementation, has established a solid partnership and joint vision between CIRDI and the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in Ethiopia (MoMP). The project is a part of an ongoing effort by the Government of Ethiopia to create an enabling environment for the development of well-regulated, large-scale mining and a formalized artisanal and small-scale mining (ASSM) sector.

This extension will ensure that the collaborative approach to reforming MoMP policies, processes, tools and governance instruments proceeds in an attentive and successive manner and achieves systemic, sustainable and holistic outcomes. These outcomes will in turn empower the MoMP to achieve its goal of leveraging mining sector development to achieve Ethiopia’s economic growth and poverty alleviation goals, in an environmentally responsible, gender equitable manner.

“The no-cost-extension to the existing contribution agreement will allow SUMM to complete its important work and ensure sustainability of reforms once the project is closed,” says Isabeau Vilandre, Director of the SUMM project for CIRDI. “With the support of SUMM, the Ethiopian government, mining communities, national entrepreneurs and international investors are increasingly working collaboratively to unleash the potential of the sector. The objective is to establish a clear set of rules that enable the issuance of environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable, well monitored and accounted for mining licences to operate for the benefit of all citizens.”

A few key achievements of the SUMM project to date include the deployment of a national cadastre system;  improved institutional capacity of the MoMP; capacity development on environmental and social impact assessments; and stronger integration of gender outcomes within mining policy and programs. The extension will allow SUMM to expand its training program, increase support for transparency and access to information in the extractives sector, and strengthen alignment with global gender equity principles and standards.