CIRDI’s Yukon ASM Fellowship Testimonial: Dr. Girma Woldetinsae


In the first two weeks of September, CIRDI hosted a fellowship mission that brought together 13 fellows representing their countries’ mining and environment ministries or small-scale mining associations. The fellows came from Ecuador, Peru, Ghana, Guyana and Ethiopia through the CIRDI fellowship program. The mission aimed to provide the fellows with field experience on approaches and practices to artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) in the Yukon, including mercury-free gold recovery, and also to expose the delegates to the Yukon’s placer regime. Given that participants were all experts in this field, a major outcome of the mission was also the knowledge and experience they shared with each other.

“Yukon is one of the few places that has a fully regulated small-scale mining sector,” said Elaine Pura, CIRDI’s Chief Executive Officer. “We want the delegates to learn from Yukon’s experience, both from what is working and what could be improved, and also from each other as they formulate policies and regulations to support their countries’ move to formalizing ASM.”

Dr. Girma Woldetinsae has kindly agreed to share his testimonial: “In Ethiopia, we have to be very careful copying the technologies because the situation is very different.” Watch the full video below: