Gender Training and Capacity Building in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

The CIRDI SUMM invited gender expert, Dr. Kim Anh Duong, facilitating a workshop. Photo by CIRDI

In collaboration with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Ethiopia, Women, Children and Youth Directorate, CIRDI’s Supporting the Ministry of Mines (SUMM) Project held an advanced training on gender equality from 16-18 September 2019 in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. The main learning and development objectives of the workshops included:

  • to review the interaction between gender equality and environmental sustainability;
  • to enhance the understanding of the role of gender in the natural resource governance sector;
  • to identify gender gaps in the Ethiopian mining sector;
  • to mainstream gender perspective and inclusion considerations in all future policies related to natural resource management;
  • to build the participants’ capacity to promote gender equality and apply a gender lens to the development, implementation and evaluation stages of their projects.

The gender training brought together over 24 senior experts from the Ministry of Mines, Gender Equality Working Group, Geological Survey Gender Focal points. The workshop aimed to ensure the inclusion of sustainable development approaches and gender analysis into the development of the National Gender Equality Strategy, Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines, and Training Manual, on which the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Ethiopia is currently working on.

The training was delivered by Dr. Kim Anh Duong, Vice Director and Founding Dean of Gender and Development Faculty, Vietnam Women’s Academy; Ms. Chi Pham Thi, RBM Expert; and Ms. Rahel Getachew Bizuwork, Senior Program Officer and Technical Lead on gender and ASM, CIRDI.

The participants of the CIRDI SUMM gender equality training. Photo by CIRDI