Colombia Educational Initiative


In March-April 2019, the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute held two workshops “Cartographies of adolescents of communities of COCOMACIA: challenges, risks and opportunities associated to spaces and the territory.”

Both workshops were held in Medellín, Colombia, and strengthened the capacities of 12 representatives of the Greater Community Council of the Peasant Association of Atrato (COCOMACIA). Seven of these were women and five men who identified themselves as part of the Afro-Colombian communities.

Throughout the two workshops, concepts and methods of action research were presented for the realization of a photographic diagnostic on the situation of adolescents of Afro-Colombian communities of Chocó. In this sense, participants improved their knowledge on the use of cameras, photographic interpretation, security and ethics protocols for the visual registration of minors, methodologies for analyzing problems and opportunities, and preparing reports with a strong component of the use of images. Most number of participants (92%) said they had never received training in these subjects before.

The workshops allowed representatives of COCOMACIA to identify the risks and opportunities of Afro-Colombian adolescents with a gender equality approach, develop a photographic record of more than 1000 photos of adolescents in Chocó and begin the formulation of a visual document that exposes the photographs that they took after the training that CIRDI provided.

Trainer Mauricio Cerna during a workshop at the Antioquia’s University in Medellin, Colombia, March 31, 2019. Photo: Carlos Villalon