Gender, Mining & Water Resources Conference (February 2017)

Gender, Water and Mining Conference; Lima Peru; February 2017

Over 180 participants from government, industry, academia, NGOs, civil society gathered in Lima, Peru on February 16 & 17, 2017 to discuss gender issues in mining with an emphasis on the use of water resources.

The conference was jointly organized by the CIRDI project, Education and Research for Integrated Water Resources Management in Peru and the School of Government and Public Policy at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). A multi-stakeholder steering committee oversaw the conference program development.

The conference aimed to raise awareness of the challenges and impacts of mining on the lives of women, especially Indigenous and rural women – and to identify ways increase local capacity, welfare and economic benefits for women, with a particular focus on the role of women in mining-related water resource management.

Conference participants concluded that issues of gender in mining need to be addressed urgently and that any discussion on the topic must include perspectives of men and women. Although the mining sector has made improvements in recent years, more needs to be to done, including at the government level, to integrate women’s voices, perspectives and involvement.

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Event Resources:

Reporte de la conferencia “Género, minería y recursos hídricos: Interconexiones, retos y miradas a futuro”
Presentaciones Conferencia Género, Minería y Recursos Hídricos. (Descargar)
Gender, Mining and Water Resources (Video)





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