International Learning and Engagement Awards Program (ILEAP) (April 2014)

In 2014 CIRDI provided scholarships for 25 individuals from five countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania) to participate in and contribute to an innovative stakeholder-dialogue training program. Participants were cross-sector decision makers, practitioners and leaders with responsibility for implementing mineral development initiatives in their respective countries and organizations. As part of the learning program, the participants attended the Global Exploration and Mining and Minerals (GEMM) innovative learning forum.

Under the theme Embedding Sustainability – Resource Stewardship and the Sustainable Development Goals, CIRDI provided a learning program centred on the social, political, economic and physical environments in which resource development occurs in the world today, and the outlook for resource governance and integrated resource management for resource-driven countries. It also focused on sustainability strategies within corporate settings, processes of embedding sustainability in organizational culture, and a resource and development framework designed to support sustainable livelihoods and economic diversification. The session allowed participants to generate ideas and solutions related to transparency, accountability, trust and community capacity building in the resource sector.

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