Mine Closure Training in Ghana and Tanzania (March/April 2017)

In March and April 2017, CIRDI’s learning team delivered two five-day short courses on mine closure in Ghana and Tanzania. Training was designed for government regulators and professionals, as well as for university faculty and staff, students, community leaders, industry and civil society. These courses provided a complete overview of mine closure planning starting from conceptual planning at the feasibility stage, and included case studies, guest presentations from local mining companies and consulting firms, and a 2-day segment where participants build a conceptual mine closure plan for a real mine site.

Training focused on leading global practices from Canada and other jurisdictions. A number of case studies were presented throughout to highlight a range of closure and reclamation options and examples. While an emphasis was placed on planning and technical aspects of mine closure and financial assurance mechanisms, the importance and role of community engagement and consultation, including effective engagement with women was an important part of the course. By the end of the course, participants developed the skills to review and assess mine closure plans and understand the key aspects that should be included a modern mine closure plan.

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