Summer Institute on Resource Governance Pilot (July 2015)

CIRDI developed and delivered an interactive and interdisciplinary 12-day intensive knowledge-sharing workshop in July 2015 for 31 mid-to senior leaders from 17 countries. The focus was to share knowledge about responsible and transparent governance of natural resources, integrated resource stewardship and the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Participants were public servants and professionals from government, civil society, mining companies and the academic community. All are involved in shaping the mining sector in their respective countries. The Summer Institute encouraged engagement, relationship building and shared perspectives related to resource sector governance and sustainability.

A core team of UBC faculty members, representing both academic and practical perspectives, planned the program. Industry practitioners, industry associations and federal and provincial governments were also engaged to inform the Summer Institute’s learning objectives and program design. The curriculum used a natural resource governance lens with a focus on transparency and accountability and included the following content areas:

• Governance and management
• Mining policies and regulatory frameworks
• Fiscal policies, transparency, controls and development
• Environmental assessment processes
• Poverty alleviation and livelihood creation
• Knowledge sharing platforms

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