Supporting Technical Training in Extractive Industries in Guyana (February 2016)

CIRDI delivered a training program in environmental best practices in ASM in Guyana over a 10-day period from January 28 to February 10, 2016. This program was part of a broader Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded project analysing the mining and ASM sectors in Guyana. The program built institutional capacity through a train-the-trainers approach targeting government employees who interact with the ASM sector.

The training objectives were to:
1. Develop the participants’ teaching skills and confidence.
2. Enhance the participants’ understanding on mercury abatement and gold recovery systems.

The Guyana Geology and Mining Commission and the Guyana Mining School and Training Centre selected the trainees in consultation with CIRDI and the IDB. The training was delivered in three phases, with each phase building on the previous one. Training curriculum was designed in collaboration with stakeholders and informed by a field visit to mine regions.

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