Nadja Kunz named one of B.C.’s most influential women of 2018

Prof. Nadja Kunz, the project lead of CIRDI’s water resources work in Peru and Chair of CIRDI’s academic directorate, has been named as one of British Columbia’s most influential women of 2018 by BC Business magazine. Nadja is an assistant professor at UBC’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering where her research focus is mine water management and water governance in mining regions.

“Water management challenges are intensifying for the global mining sector due to a range of economic, environmental and societal pressures including increased competition between water users, growing water scarcity, and heightened acknowledgement of the human right to water access and sanitation,” said Nadja. “More than ever, it is imperative for mining operations to optimize water efficiency within the mine lease, but to likewise conserve regional water systems while promoting water provision for the societies that depend on them.  Balancing complex trade-offs between competing water needs creates immense research challenges and demands a unique interdisciplinary approach.”

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