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November 25, 2019, CNBC

Ethiopia vows to remove barriers to investment in mining

August 29, 2019 Examedia

Presentaron un Guia de recursos de buenas practicas para el cierre de minas

August 29, 2019 Panorama Minerio 

Secretaría de Política Minera presentó una guía de recursos de buenas prácticas para el cierre de minas

August 2019, Environmental Governance Programme


July 29, 2019 Agencia de Informaciones Mercosur – AIM

Cierre de minas: El oficialismo busca cerrar un proyecto de ley para el cierre de minas

July 20, 2019 Buenos Aires Times

Macri gov’t to push mine closure regulatory bill in Congress

July 19, 2019 PERFIL

El macrismo busca avanzar en un proyecto de ley para el cierre de minas

April, 2019 Mongolian Mining Journal

April 25, 2019 The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Finding sustainable markets abroad for Canada’s natural resources

March 6, 2019 Diario Once

Instituto canadiense dictó en Buenos Aires y en Santa Cruz talleres sobre cierre de minas e impacto ambiental  

February, 2019 Instituto de Investigación Geológico y Energético

IIGE participa en mesa técnica para fortalecer programas de capacitación al sector minero

January 28, 2019 GOXI

New Report on The Role of Host Governments in Enabling or Preventing Conflict Associated with Mining by Sarah Daitch

January 17, 2019 CBC Radio-Canada

Zoom sur le secteur minier au Burkina Faso : Détails de P.-A. Saulnier


October 26, 2018  GOXI

Participatory Environmental Monitoring as a transparency and trust-building tool to navigate socio-environmental mining conflicts in Latin America by Sarah Daitch

June 15, 2018 CIM Magazine
The growing pains of supply chain certification by Kylie Williams

May 2, 2018 Business Vancouver

Partnership pushing to improve world mining practices by Tyler Nyquvest

April 14, 2018 Elancasti Argentian
“Catamarca está muy bien posicionada”

April 13, 2018 Elancasti Argentian
Se realizó la Jornada Técnica de Introducción al Cierre de Minas



Environnement et gestion des rejets miniers : lancement d’un programme de master au Burkina Faso avec l’appui de Polytechnique Montréal

August 2017 Mongolian Mining Journal
What young professionals can learn at capacity-building workshops (English)
What young professional can learn at capacity-building workshops (Mongolian)


Enseignement en environnement et gestion des rejets miniers : des délégations africaines en mission à Polytechnique Montréal


Polytechnique Montréal appuie le Sénégal dans l’élaboration de sa politique minière

May 26, 2017 UNDP Press Release
CIRDI participates in the inception meeting of the Global Environment Facility’s Global Opportunities for Long-term Development (GEF GOLD) project in Nairobi Kenya, May 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 Contexto Minero
Primer Taller sobre Cierre de Minas (page 11)

April 20, 2017 Econojournal (Argentina)
Primer taller sobre cierre de minas by Marcela Gonzalez

March 2017 Kamera Yangu (Tanzania)
Mine Closure Training is Presented to the National Mine Closure

March 29, 2017
Training is Provided on Mine Closure

March 22, 2017 Daily Graphic Ghana
Workshop on Mine Closure Underway by Rebecca Quaicoe Duho and Theresah Esson

March 21, 2017 Business and Financial Times Ghana
Mining contribution depends on quality of policies and laws by Ekow Essabra-Mensah

March 21, 2017 The Ghanian Times
Minerals commission organises workshop on mining by Jonathan Donkor

March 20, 2017 Ghana News Agency
Mine closure training workshop opens in Accra

February 16, 2017 New Era Newspaper Namibia
Procurement of local goods must be driven by industrialisation by Edgar Brandt

January/February 2017 Innovation
Mercury Rising by Kylie Williams


November 2016 INFOMines
Towards a Sector Policy Letter and Results-based Management 


Environnement et gestion des rejets miniers : deux universités africaines renforcent leurs capacités avec l’aide de Polytechnique Montréal

August 29, 2016 Canadian Mining & Energy
Canadian institute helps developing countries get maximum mining benefit (PDF) by Peter Caulfield

May 12, 2016 iPOLITICS
As Canada shares mining expertise, critics question GAC’s transparency (PDF) by James Munson

May 2016 BC Business Magazine
CIRDI is featured in the “How to Build a Greener World” issue How UBC is digging the mining industry out of a hole(pdf) or link here.
A new institute at UBC aims to repair mining’s tarnished reputation and show that, with proper community engagement, projects can leave behind a positive legacy.

March 2, 2016 Georgia Straight
10 most influential female administrators at Metro Vancouver public universities, colleges, and institutes by Charlie Smith

Feb 17, 2016 Embassy News
Government backs disputed mining institute (PDF) by Peter Mazereeuw

Jan 28, 2016 Demerara Waves Media, Guyana
New division set up to address mercury use, other natural resource issues by Denis Chabrol


Dec 11, 2015 UBC Insiders On Air
Episode 15 – Bjorn Stime and Cassie Doyle. Full episode at UBC Insiders (CIRDI story begins at 12:20)



March 6, 2015 – Source NEWS

Mali’s Ministry of Mines and the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) sign a memorandum of understanding


Dec 12, 2014 The Vancouver Sun
Companies that want to build big must go beyond minimum requirements: The letter of the law isn’t a proper response to the issues of our age by Don Cayo

Dec 4, 2014 CBC Early Edition
Jim Cooney talks about Social License within the extractive industry (MP3)

Nov 14, 2014 DFATD
Canada’s Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to Strengthen Canada’s Extractive Sector Abroad (PDF)

Nov 7, 2014
Universidad canadiense, interesada en apoyar formación de mineros del Bajo Cauca y Nordeste antioqueño

Sep 2014 Engineering & Mining Journal
Mining Sector Sustainability in 2014: A Global Game-changer (PDF) by Joseph Kirschke

Aug 14, 2014 Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada media release
Canada supports transparent and responsible natural resources management in developing countries

Apr 24, 2014 Partners for Democratic Change blog
Moving to a “Governance Model” to Prevent and Resolve Conflicts over Mining by Martin Packmann

Apr 16, 2014 Smart Metals Radio
Ep 20: Mining Sustainability – Bern Klein Interview

Apr 7, 2014 CKNW Radio
Putting BC to Work: Importance of Skills Training (Mining & Engineering Schools)

Mar 18, 2014 Business In Vancouver
Mining report: Partnership aimed at helping Third World countries leverage resource riches by Sean Kolenko

Mar 3, 2014 BC Business Magazine
B.C. Mining Battles Abroad by Brenda Bouw

Mar 2014, Skillings Mining Review
Educating Mining Professionals (p. 18) by Anna Grant, Mary Claire Whitaker, and John Edward

Feb 17, 2014, The Peak
New institute promotes global sustainable mining by Freya Olson

Feb 13, 2014 CSR21
CSR21 talks to the newly launched CIIEID

Feb 5, 2014, The Ubyssey
Thunderbird in the coal mine: UBC, the federal government and Canadian mining companies team up by Arno Rosenfeld

Feb 5, 2014 PeaceTalks 15: Peace, Human Rights and the Mining Sector
Event Information / YouTube video

Feb 2, 2014 All Africa
Canadian Institute Signals Intent to Support the Africa Mining Vision

Feb 1, 2014 The Ubyssey
International mining institute opens at UBC, critics question its independence by Arno Rosenfeld

Jan 31, 2014 Mining Magazine
International sustainable mining institute launched(login required) Article in pdf

Jan 30, 2014, The Vancouver Sun
New Institute promotes sustainable mining in developing countries: Joint venture between UBC, SFU and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal wins $25 million in federal funding pdf  by Derrick Penner. Reprinted by The Ottawa Citizen

Jan 29, 2014 CBC Telejournal
2014Jan29_CBC TelejournalCB_Mining Institute

January 29, 2014, ici Radio Canada
Un institut pour les industries extractives créé à Vancouver

Mining Institute MP4

Jan 29, 2014 UBC Media Release
International sustainable mining institute launched


Nov 12, 2013, The Ubyssey
Campus talk raises ethical concerns about UBC’s role in new mining institute by Vinicius Cid

Oct 30, 2013, YouTube

Canadian Delegation in Mongolia by Rideau Hall

Oct 7, 2013, CiTR 101.9 FM, UBC
CiTR Correspondent Josh on Mining featuring Bern Klein

Aug 19, 2013, Radio-Canada / French CBC in Vancouver
De Vancouver à Montréal : nouvel institut pour les mines featuring Line Dubé

Aug 19, 2013, CBC Radio
CBC Radio’s Early Edition featuring Bern Klein. Segment begins at 1:00:45

Aug 15, 2013 CBERN blog
2013 World Mining Congress: The Canadian International Institute for Extractive Industry Development by Otto Faludi

Aug 5, 2013, BC Business Magazine
Cleaning Up Developing Mining Practices by Dee Hon

Feb 12, 2013 UBC Reports
Mining the possibilities by Brian Lin


Nov 23, 2012 UBC Media Release
UBC, SFU to further global sustainable mining practices through $25M Institute

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