We believe that effective and mutually beneficial partnerships are essential to creating a better world. We cannot work in isolation – sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources not only bolsters the capacity of a single organisation but can also coordinate and streamline efforts and increase impact.

Benefits of Partnering with CIRDI

CIRDI’s value proposition to partners is based on three factors: proven technical excellence in natural resource governance, needs-driven programming, and results-based program management.

  • Technical Excellence

One of CIRDI’s strengths is its ability to draw from, connect and leverage a highly-specialized pool of technical experts, academics, and like-minded organisations across environmental, economic, political, and social issues related to natural resource governance. In this context, CIRDI’s university roots enable us to act as a trusted convener in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

  • Needs-based and Partnership-driven Programming

CIRDI’s proven competence in delivering technical assistance makes us a valued partner for organisations, communities, and governments that seek to strengthen their capacity to manage natural resources for the benefit of their people.

We firmly believe that when managed responsibly, resource industries can drive economic growth, generate jobs, and be an important source of state revenue. To do this, we collaborate with in-country partners, beneficiaries, and clients to design and deliver projects that address national, regional, and local priorities. More importantly, the heart of our approach ensures that technical knowledge continues to add value for partners, particularly through impact-focused governance reform.

  • Results-based Program Management

CIRDI’s projects and programs are monitored and evaluated through Performance Measurement Frameworks (PMFs) designed in alignment with robust results-based management (RBM) tools. We are continuously building our capacity to advance gender equality in natural resource governance.

Our impact depends on effective and respectful, collaborative partnerships with governments, communities, industry, international agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and resource development associations.

Help Us Grow

We welcome partnerships to help us continue to build the Institute, expand and share our knowledge of sustainable natural resource governance and grow our portfolio of impactful projects.

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