Alnoor Aziz

Munisha Tumato

Munisha Tumato is a journalist, writer, editor, facilitator and communications professional with more than a decade of professional experience. She has worked for local media as a news, council and […]

Jaime Webbe

Ms. Jaime Webbe is the COO and Director of International Programs at CIRDI. Prior to joining CIRDI Ms. Webbe worked as the Regional Manager for Asia Pacific at the UN […]

Azeb Belete

Ms. Azeb Belete is an Environmental expert with a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences and a Master of Science degree in Geo-Environmental Systems analysis. Azeb has rich experience in the […]

Sebastian Jarrin

Sebastian Jarrin joined CIRDI as a Researcher in January 2018 for the “Education and Research for Integrated Water Resources Management in Peru” project, and he was appointed as a Program […]

Abigail Cruickshank

Abigail Cruickshank is the Technical Manager for the Global Affairs Canada funded ‘Supporting the Ministry of Mines in Ethiopia’ (SUMM Ethiopia) project at UBC’s Canadian International Resources and Development Institute. […]

Fitsum Assef

Olena Soldatova

Rahel Getachew

With a background in Business, Finance, and Economics, Ms. Rahel Getachew has over 10 years of experience working with the private and public sectors in a number of projects dedicated […]