Press Release – New CIRDI and UNDP Study Looks at the of Role of Governments in Conflicts Associated with Mining

November 2018 The Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published a new study entitled, “The Role of Host Governments in Enabling or Preventing Conflict Associated with Mining.” The purpose of the research is to better understand and demonstrate the central importance of the role of host governments in establishing appropriate governance and management regimes to achieve sustainable mineral development and prevent the negative outcomes of destructive conflict. This study is the second phase of an ongoing CIRDI research project focused on the nature and root causes of mining-related conflict.

In spite of significant progress in mining industry practice, evidence has shown that in recent times conflict associated with mining operations has experienced a dramatic rise in frequency and intensity. As the study demonstrates, governments can play an increased role in managing and mitigating mining-related conflict.

Could the negative consequences of destructive conflicts be avoided and a path towards sustainable mineral development be established and maintained? The study provides empirically grounded recommendations to address this. These include applying an incremental model to attracting a large-scale mining (LSM) sector to match governance capacity, strengthening local governance institutions, preparing rural communities for the arrival of LSM, reconciling the artisanal and small-scale mining and LSM sectors, and maintaining strong regulatory compliance and social development presence in rural mining districts.

The study is based on robust research, including a literature review, a quantitative analysis of a global database on conflict incidents, and a field case study conducted in Ghana, and it offers possible actions for governments to consider for conflict transformation, mitigation, and prevention.

The abridged and the long versions of the report are available at CIRDI and UNDP websites.

The initial study, entitled, “The Rise in Conflict Associated with Mining Operations: What Lies Beneath?” is available here.