Argentina: Mining Policy in a Federal Country | HIGH GRADE Talks with Carolina Del Valle

High Grade Media is the globally acclaimed interview series on the extractives industry and natural resources management. Represented by Åsa Borssén, High Grade came to our Leading Practices workshop to interview some of the CIRDI seasoned experts and opinion leaders working in the extractives sector.

Argentina is a federal country subdivided into twenty-three provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. How are mining policies conceived in such a federal system? High Grade Media spoke to Carolina Del Valle, Director of Sustainable Mining Production at the National Mining Secretariat. With the example of a National Mine Closure Policy, she explains how policies are developed and how the tension between different levels of government is handled.

CIRDI has been working closely with the Government of Argentina’s Ministry of Production, Secretariat of Mining on the development of a national mine closure policy since 2016. You can read more about CIRDI’s work in Argentina here:

Mine Closure and Environmental Impact Assessment Training Workshops in Argentina, February 2019



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