Ethiopia: Developing a Mining Sector | HIGH GRADE Talks with Geremew Negassa

High Grade Media is the globally acclaimed interview series on the extractives industry and natural resources management. Represented by Åsa Borssén, High Grade came to our Leading Practices workshop to interview some of the CIRDI seasoned experts and opinion leaders working in the extractives sector.

Mr. Geremew Negassa is serving the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MOMP) of Ethiopia as Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate and Head of Project Management Unit for SUMM-CIRDI Ethiopia Project. Mr. Negassa has coordinated efforts of the Ministry to bring the Project from scoping mission and planning phase to implementation and realization of the project.

Mr. Negassa began his career as a solar and wind energy expert at Oromia Water Mines and Energy Bureau in 1996. For a decade, he worked as a geophysicist at Geological Survey of Ethiopia where he was involved with regional gravity mapping, geophysical survey for groundwater exploration and mineral exploration projects.

What are Ethiopia’s government key priorities going forward? Interview with Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, MoMP Ethiopia, Geremew Negassa:


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