Sustainable Extractive Industries: an Oxymoron? | High Grade Talks with CIRDI’s Strategic Advisor Cassie Doyle

High Grade Media is the globally acclaimed interview series on the extractives industry and natural resources management. Represented by Åsa Borssén, High Grade came to our Leading Practices workshop to interview some of the CIRDI seasoned experts and opinion leaders working in the extractives sector.

CIRDI’s Strategic Advisor and former CEO, Cassie Doyle, opens the series of interviews from CIRDI.

Cassie Doyle has enjoyed a distinguished public service career in Canada where she served at the executive level in all three levels of government in Canada, gained a deep understanding of natural resource and environmental governance and management, and earned a strong track record of effective partnerships with NGOs, industry, First Nations, governments and academia.. A reoccurring theme in her career has been the focus on the natural resource industries and care for the environment.

Can the extractives ever be truly sustainable? What the resources sector can learn from Silicon Valley? This and more, in the interview below.


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