Water and Mining | HIGH GRADE Talks with Nadja Kunz

High Grade Media is the globally acclaimed interview series on the extractives industry and natural resources management. Represented by Åsa Borssén, High Grade came to our Leading Practices workshop to interview some of the CIRDI seasoned experts and opinion leaders working in the extractives sector.

Prof. Nadja Kunz, Canada Research Chair in Mine Water Management and Stewardship, jointly appointed across the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) and the Norman B Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering. She works at the interface of research and practice to resolve private sector water challenges, with a focus on the mining and resources sector. Nadja is driven by a passion for transitioning the private sector towards more sustainable water management practices.

Water consumption by mining is small relative to e.g. agriculture. Yet water is a leading cause of community conflict in mining regions; many projects have been put on hold due to tensions around water. Climate change is going to exacerbate water risks in the mining sector. How should today’s and future water issues be managed? HighGrade Media spoke to Prof. Kunz about the critical role of water in mining processes.

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