Susan Joyce

President, On Common Ground Consultants Inc.

Susan Joyce is a sociologist and social performance practitioner with 25 years of experience working on the community and social dimensions of the extractive industries. She is president of On Common Ground Consultants Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada and has worked and lived in Latin America for much of her professional life. She supports clients to transition from compliance to leadership and innovation in social performance. She works to improve the social performance of extractive industry activities with the belief that resource development can and must deliver lasting benefits to all stakeholders. Ms. Joyce works with clients to build and sustain long-term relationships and deliver measurable benefits for local communities. She leads an innovative ‘boots on the ground’ team that works on conflict management, engagement programs, multi-stakeholder processes and addressing the human and indigenous rights issues of projects throughout Latin America.

Ms. Joyce holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Anthropology from Swarthmore College, USA; a Graduate Diploma of Agricultural Science from Lincoln University College of Agriculture in New Zealand; and a Master of Science in Development Sociology from Cornell University, USA.