Technical Team Visits Ecuador for Tailings Management Assessment

 As part of the CIRDI TransMAPE’s objective to provide technical assistance for improved tailings management in small-scale mining operations in southern Ecuador, CIRDI recently completed a technical mission to Portovelo-Zaruma and Ponce Enriquez, Ecuador  (Nov 21st – Nov 26th, 2017). With support from local mine owners and the Ecuador Ministry of Mines, leading mine waste management expert, Dr. Dirk Van Zyl; PhD candidate, Bernardo Ranieri; and Project Lead, Dr. Colon Velasquez visited various small-scale mine sites in the two towns, observing local tailings management practices. The team took particular interest in Cyanide management and structural integrity of tailings storage facilities (TSF). The community and institutional participants indicated strong interest in the forthcoming technical recommendations and training being developed to facilitate improvements in local tailings management.

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